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Blog # 1 – 12th May 2020 – 3D Virtual Tours.

It has only been a few weeks since I introduced 3D Virtual Tours ( Matterport ) to our list of services we offer to Realtors and New Home Builders. The take up has been incredible and yes of course timing is everything. Would the take up have been as much without COVID-19? Perhaps not. 3D virtual Tours are an incredible tool for showing your listing or new build and allow potential buyers access to the property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can use any device they like ( cell phone, tablets, computer, virtual googles ) and can take their own time moving through the property. The added bonus of floor plans, doll house views and also being able to measure anything within the tour is an added plus.

With show homes and open houses being less appealing to both sellers and buyers, the virtual tours have proven to be a life line and I think the popularity will not diminish for some time. For Realtors being able to link the MLS# to the tour is very useful and being able to view how many unique visitors used the tour over a set period of time can also only be helpful.

I have seen some Realtors and Home Builders use an alternative to Matterport and I must say in my opinion they are inferior for a number of reasons. Matterport really allows the user to move freely throughout the property virtual model with ease. There are a number of tools at your disposal and the experience once you have used it a few times is quite fun. The other virtual tours are slow and requires you to choose which room or area of the property you wish to view. A room by room tour as opposed to Matterport allowing you to move freely throughout. I also think the others virtual tours have inferior floor maps compared to Matterport.

In the very short time since offering the 3D Virtual Tours I have captured nearly forty homes. I have picked five of my favourites and the links are below. Let me know your thoughts. If you’d like to learn more about having your listings or new build homes captured, then please do get in touch.

Choice # 1

Choice # 2

Choice # 3

Choice # 4

Choice # 5