Blog # 2 – 4th September 2020 – We Had Fun.

What a year 2020 has been to date and as summer comes to an end and children return to school, there are still many questions in the air. Working within the Real Estate market for Realtors in and around the Edmonton area has been busy. Results for this past August show record number of home sales. The market from my personal point of view started slow but picked up fast and strong and homes were being bought and sold.

I have enjoyed seeing Realtors become more adaptable and willing to take on new ideas. The 3D Virtual Tours continue to be used and I see this trend continuing through winter and into next year. Video often used and some use it better than others, but I see a trend of quality video coming to the market. Quality will always shine through and the difference is clear and home owners should show an interest as to what type of video the realtor is having made to showcase their home. On the flip side, yes it can be said peoples attention span is short and so a trend of fast paced videos became popular. I agree. People who are not seriously searching for their next home may well click through videos and get bored after thirty seconds of watching. What I know to be true however is, that those who are seriously looking for their new home will take the time to watch through a well filmed and edited video. A video does not replace a physical tour of a home, but a video can bring a potential buyer to the listing. Video can create emotion and desire like no other medium used in Real Estate marketing.

We make no excuses for the style of videos we produce. They have a flow, the viewer understands the layout of the home, it is never rushed, it is different with every home. We also edit all our videos and never send them off to be edited by someone across the world who has never set foot in the home. We also never ever use the same piece of music twice.

Here is a recent example of a video we created for one of our clients.

We spent a number of weeks working with Haupt Realty and Ratefair Mortgages producing a video showcasing Edmonton. The purpose was to highlight how great Edmonton is in summer to viewers who perhaps never been to Edmonton. It was a lot of fun putting the video together with YEG VIDEO and if you have not seen it, take a look below. Perhaps we will make a winter version, I think it would be awesome to showcase the city year round.

Autumn is normally a very busy period for us as Realtors and sellers are keen to capture their homes against the turning colours fo the tress and before the snow falls. We have plans of introducing something unique and very exciting for our clients. Follow our social media feeds to be amongst the first to learn of the latest news.



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Blog # 1 – 12th May 2020 – 3D Virtual Tours.

It has only been a few weeks since I introduced 3D Virtual Tours ( Matterport ) to our list of services we offer to Realtors and New Home Builders. The take up has been incredible and yes of course timing is everything. Would the take up have been as much without COVID-19? Perhaps not. 3D virtual Tours are an incredible tool for showing your listing or new build and allow potential buyers access to the property, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can use any device they like ( cell phone, tablets, computer, virtual googles ) and can take their own time moving through the property. The added bonus of floor plans, doll house views and also being able to measure anything within the tour is an added plus.

With show homes and open houses being less appealing to both sellers and buyers, the virtual tours have proven to be a life line and I think the popularity will not diminish for some time. For Realtors being able to link the MLS# to the tour is very useful and being able to view how many unique visitors used the tour over a set period of time can also only be helpful.

I have seen some Realtors and Home Builders use an alternative to Matterport and I must say in my opinion they are inferior for a number of reasons. Matterport really allows the user to move freely throughout the property virtual model with ease. There are a number of tools at your disposal and the experience once you have used it a few times is quite fun. The other virtual tours are slow and requires you to choose which room or area of the property you wish to view. A room by room tour as opposed to Matterport allowing you to move freely throughout. I also think the others virtual tours have inferior floor maps compared to Matterport.

In the very short time since offering the 3D Virtual Tours I have captured nearly forty homes. I have picked five of my favourites and the links are below. Let me know your thoughts. If you’d like to learn more about having your listings or new build homes captured, then please do get in touch.

Choice # 1

Choice # 2

Choice # 3

Choice # 4

Choice # 5