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Please note: Once your photographs/film has been delivered, we suggest you save them. Due to the large number of files we work with, we cannot save and file your photographs and film files. Every few days, we purge our storage and permanently delete prior photograph and film files. 

We aim to deliver the very best aerial footage/photos available, and our priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Other Services:

NEW: Anamorphic film service, including aerial drone service. Filming with anamorphic lenses takes a little longer than using regular lenses. Post-editing also requires additional time and work and so the service attracts a higher premium. Ask us about your project and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

Luxury package for luxury prestige properties.

When a property is listed in the millions of dollars and requires some extra attention to detail and some optional add on’s, we provide the best service.

Depending on the property and location, we can tailor the filming to your needs.

Half-day rates start from $1,000.00

Full day rates start from $1,800.00

Optional add-on services* include voice-overs, specially sourced soundtrack, actors, props, staging and rental luxury vehicles.

* Attracts additional fees.

Time Lapse: contact us to discuss your requirements

Community Video: contact us to discuss your requirements

Additional Charges:

5% GST to be added to all rates.

Some locations may require travel expenses to be added at $0.55 per KM. If you would like to know how much will be charged for travel, please ask us at booking.

Booking Conditions:

Factors such as bad weather that means the drone cannot be flown do not qualify as a cancellation. Every attempt will be made to re-schedule the appointment to the agreement of all parties.

Drone Your Home makes every effort to be punctual to every appointment, and when appointments are not kept, our business is affected.

Factors of equipment failure do not automatically qualify as a cancellation. Every attempt will be made to re-schedule the appointment to the agreement of all parties. Our equipment is maintained and serviced to the highest standards, and we pride ourselves on buying and using the best quadcopter drones available for the type of work carried out.

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or by cash. We do not accept IOU’s or give credit. The final balance must be paid to complete the shoot and/or delivery the post-production footage. Depending on the work type, a deposit may be requested before any work being carried out.