Walk-Through Video Tours

Our Walk-Through Video Tours are not the same as Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, where you control where and what in the property you wish to view. Walk-Through videos are curated videos that are filmed by us and showcase the best of the property. The videos can be done as shorter attention-,grabbing Instagram video ( one minute in length and with a 1080 X 1350 sized format to optimize the Instagram viewing pleasure. We also create full-length walk-through videos of between three to five minutes ( the property’s size usually dictates the length of the video ).

We use 4K DSLRs and a range of prime lenses and other tools such as gimbals to ensure footage is silky smooth. We then edit the footage ourselves in-house and brand the video for you, and add royalty-free music. We never use the same piece of music twice… Every video is unique… We go the extra mile for you.

The walk-through video’s delivery is within 24 hours and is delivered via a google drive link for you to download and keep the original copy. We also deliver a copy using a YouTube link. Please note the videos are all 4K, but YouTube can compress the footage and often plays the footage as 1080p. You can upload the original video file to your own website and social media platforms.

You can have aerial video included in the walk-through video, which is a popular option and one of the most effective ways to showcase the property.

Here are a few examples: